Thin Film Deposition Systems

We are leaders in Latin America in the engineering, manufacturing, distribution and service of high and ultra-high vacuum deposition systems for the research and development of advanced materials. These products are used in R&D laboratories in fields such as nanotechnology, semiconductors, MEMS, photovoltaics, optics, aerospace, physics, surface chemistry, astronomy and medical devices among many others.

Intercovamex Physical Vapor deposition (PVD) systems and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) are offered worldwide and have been installed in 4 continents; They are assembled in Mexico with robust and well known components from world leading companies. They are highly versatile and modular to adapt to most budgets.

In addition to assembling PVD systems for sputtering, resistive evaporation, electron beam evaporation and pulsed laser deposition, Intercovamex has also experience in engineering of Reactive Ion Etchers (RIE), surface analyzers (XPS, AES), special pumping systems, CSVT, CSS, cryostats...

In Mexico and all Latino America we also offer deposition systems imported from Europe and the United States such as Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) reactors from RIBER, ALD y PVD from Kurt J. Lesker.