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Multi-channels potentiostat with impedance for electrochemical measurements.
Analyze electrochemical phenomena with reliable and accurate potentiostats / galvanostats / EIS / Battery Cycling. Discover the range OrigaFlex, potentiostats and galvanostats multichannels to perform very accurate measurements.
Origalys provides turnkey and plug and play systems.
Assemble, according to your needs, your own potentiostats and galvanostats multichannels to obtain a customized system of multi-potentiostats and galvanostats with Dummy Cell and Power Supply.

A multi-potentiostat sytem but also multi-channel
Thanks to Origalys you can creat your personalized Potentiostat Galvanostat according to your needs. The OrigaFlex range is flexible. It consists of modules or different ways to create your own montage:
     * The “chassis” channel (compulsory module because it is the module that allows the power supply and the control of all connected Potentiostats).
     * The measurement channel for your electrochemical experiments: Potentiostat and Galvanostat.
     * The impedance channel for your impedance measurements.

Technical specification

OGF500          OGF01A          OGF05A          OGF10A
±500 mA        ±1 A                  ±5 A                  ±10 A
±20 V              ±20 V                ±20 V                ±20 V
±15 V              ±15 V                ±15 V                ±15 V

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