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Standard-Size Power Supplies

The PSM10 series features versatile high-voltage component modules. The units are ideal for OEM equipment specification, laboratory and development work. Powered from 24 VDC, these units allow full range control and monitoring of voltage and current through 0-10 V analog signals. Positive or negative polarity models are available.

Models available:

  • Dual Polarity C Series
  • Dual Output High Voltage Capacitor Charging Power Supply
  • FIL series
  • Supply of precision filaments, single output and fixed range
  • High power C series
  • Ideal capacitive load source for applications > 30 W
  • HVA series
  • Precision DC to DC high voltage amplifiers
  • LE series
  • Regulated high precision DC to high voltage DC supplies
  • PSM10 Series
  • Precision, Scientific 10 W Power Supply Modules
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